Our feeling about AC power distribution is that it should be passive in nature to preserve natural dynamics while still utilizing noise filtration outside the AC path.

The Verastarr AC Power Block is specially designed in a pyramid shape to be very stable so plugging is easy while standing over it, and a full load of power cords will not tip it over.

Inside there are discreet solid core 99.9997% pure silver AC runs to every socket individually and also individual star grounding. This is all encapsulated on our proprietary RF/EMI crystal matrix polymer, then mounted in a damped aluminum chassis.

Receptacles are the latest cryo treated Furutech GTX R NCF and AC inlet is Furutech GTX R .

This is is a power distribution strip using very high grade components and wired in a unique way to balance AC current flow between all sockets for no eddy currents. Same for Ground. Furthermore it is very, very quiet with the passive RF filtration inside. Tests have shown lower noise when plugged into the strip vs direct to wall with GTX wall receptacle.

What you will hear is better image focus, and more discreet instrument placement. All this adds up to a very 3 dimensional, deep soundstage.

We believe with a dedicated home run circuit at the wall, Furutech GTX D NCF wall receptacle with wall plate and carbon cover plate, then Grand Illusion to te power block, and Grand Illusion to your components, no power conditioning is needed whatsoever. This is the best possible scenario for AC power delivery in our opinion.