Weve been doing this long enough to know what to do in your rig in your listening room to maximize your system performance. All we need to know is a few things about your equipment, room, listening style and what you hope to gain. 

Verastarrs founder Mike Powell is available for personal consultation to any of the Verastarr clients as to how you would go about gettting the maximum performance from your audio system. Simply buying world class equipment does not make it magically happen. In fact the higher end your system, the more it needs setup and tweaking. Mike can help you do this over the phone and is available free of charge to any Verastarr cable buyers. 

Verastarr Audiofoil cables can either be the foundation from which to build upon, or the finishing touch for a system that needs the final refinements to really pull that 3D image into the room, and give you the feeling of intimacy with the performer like they are right there with you.

There are many good sounding systems but very few are truly great. The ones you do not forget. We can help you get there.