Power Cables

  • Grand Illusion DC Cable

    99.97% pure silver foil DC cable. 20AWG 

    Even changing your outboard power supply cable to silver foil adds nuance, depth and layering in typical Grand Illusion style.



    99.97% Silver plated 99.97% Copper 10GA.

    Solid performing entry level to Verastarr

  • Grand Illusion 2

    2" wide 99.997% Copper foil

    Refined version of the Grand Illusion, Quieter than the original, better micro detail. (13AWG)

  • Grand Illusion Signature 2

    2" wide 99.997% Silver foil

    Quieter version of the Signature with better micro detail. (13AWG)

  • Grand Illusion Statement

    2-3/8" wide 99.9997% Silver foil. 

    Another league. Smooth and effortless. Dead quiet and 3D imaging. Top of the line.  (11AWG)


    2.5" wide silver/gold alloy (10 AWG)

    Organic and natural with a touch more bloom in the low mid and low frequanct VS the Statement.