Here are some of our special projects.  

Grandmaster loudspeaker.. 2 cabinets, one with a 15" sub, the other has a 10" and a pleated diaphragm tweeter.. Good for 500W continuous power and flat to 31Hz..


We custom designed this audio rack from 3/4" plate glass and 1.5" brushed stainless steel. We had the rods fabricated as well as the glass to exact measurements for this project.. Turned out beautiful..

TBS-6, 6 channel analog Vacuum tube buffer stage originally designed for use with multichannel amplifiers to give more natural sound for movie sountracks... Boy did it work !! 

Another rack we designed for in house use designed from parts from the manufacturer Ultrasonic. 

The SSA-64, was the most powerful Class AB multichannel amplifier to fit in a rack. 2400W at 8Ohm with all 5 channels driven. Not just grunt either, the sound was true Hi-Fi... several clients used these for tri-amp duty, at least one client used 2 in mono configuration bridged on each pair of channels for 3X700W... All still in use in the field.. nobody wants to sell..

SSA-644 - the next generation.. more power and refined. 

We've always believed in inner beauty ;-)

Newest multichannel prototype. 500 WPC at 8ohm with Tube input stage..

500W @8Ohm true dual monoblock, even has 2 power cables. This one is our prototype audiophile version of the tube driven Ice module amp. 

Our overseas version of the 4 x KT88 push pull tube amp.. Remote control and all.. Would have sold for only $1800. We decided to stay with American manufacturing for all Verastarr products.

Shiva 300W 8x KT88 tube monoblock... 100% handbuilt on USA. Our best sounding amp to date..

Verastarr Kingpin power cable. 6GA of heavy, hard to work with giant power cable.. Was for a special market.. we do not like heavy weight cable design. 

Image speaker concept.. utilizing active 3 way crossover in a triamp configuration. 

Tenzin loudspeaker project for client..

Higher quality 4 x KT88 push pull amp..


 6 inch and 8 inch full range midfield monitor.. oh so nice.. FR-8 and FR-6

Our first rack made from 3/4" granite and steel..