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JOIN US AT RMAF 2014 in Denver, Oct 10 - 12th for the rollout of the Grand Illusion2 Power cable !

Yes, it can get better.... Hear it in room 2024 where we will be exhibiting with Vapor Audio Loudspeakers, Allnic components, Antipodes music servers, and Running Springs Audio power conditioners. 

We plan a headphone setup to show you the difference our power cables make on the fly..

Dont miss it !!



August 2014... Verastarr will be adding several new cables, including the much anticipated "Prestige" line of high value Power cords, Interconnects, and speaker cables as well as the Illusion copper foil speaker cables, and the new Illusion power cords in both silver and copper... keep your eyes open.. Pre orders are being secured now !



Top of the line Grand Illusion Signature power cable. Made with 99.999% pure solid silver foils.


AXPONA 2014 - with Vapor Audio Loudspeakers, Lampizator DAC, and Purity Audio components...  this was an amazing rig utilizing 18WPC 300B push pull monoblocks and the new Vapor Derecho Speakers.. absolutely stunning sound in this room..

Newest cable upgrades include the use of embossed or laser etched leather cuffs for both speaker cables and power cords. Speaker cable leads are also braided now for a nicer fit and finish.

The Venetian High End Audio Exhibit, Las Vegas, Nevada Jan 7 thru 10, 2014. Debuting the April Music Aura note V2 all in one receiver/cd player ($3K). It is paired with Vivid Audio G3, notoriously hard speakers to drive ($45,000) and it sounded phenominal. We used a Grand Illusion Signature power cord and Grand illusion speaker cables.... everybody was very impressed.

December 2013 ,Living Secrets of Takamatsu Japan joins Verastarrs growing dealer network...  Boy did we open up those Sound Labs 945's with Grand Illusion cables... It only took one power cord on the DAC, to make the founder Chris a believer. Now, both demo rigs will be wired with Grand Illusion.. If you live in Japan, you owe it to yourself to visit Chris.. 

The Leonardos had a captivating.image...



Dec 2013 Visiting World class Hi-Fi Dealer in Bangkok, KS Home ... MBL never sounded so good ! I actually found new respect for the sound of MBL, and wanted this exact setup...lets just say its been a while since I wanted to buy gear.. simply stunning


Walters big Demo room in the Crystal Design Center. 

Grand Illusion transformed McIntosh and Sonus Faber... Pass Labs and AR next.


Singapore Audio show 2013

Verastarr Grand Illusion Signature cables power the Horizon Acoustics room with Mr. Poon, our Singapore dealer..




AXPONA 2013 with Lamm, and TAD as presented by Jonathan Horwich and International Phonograph inc.

Source was open reel master tape, using a United Home Audio piece and many considered it best in show.. 


Mike with Rick Rubin,  also in pic is David Hyman, founder of MOG music former CEO of Gracenote.



Simon, Mike and Jurgen in front of the $128,000.00 system at CES 2013.

 Marten Coltrane 2 loudspeakers ($100K) April Music AI 700 ($6500) and DP-1 ($3500) Utilizing 1.5M Verastarr Grand Illusion Signature power cords x 3 ($10,800) and 3M Grand Illusion bi wire ($3898) with 10M Silver Signature XLR ($2899)



11-2-12. Singapore audio show on schedule for Verastarr with Modwright and NOLA.  Brought to you by Horizon Acoustics. 

CES 2012 with Wilson Audio and April Music

2012 at Glenn Schick Mastering, after trying the Grand Illusion, he wont master without them.

2012 at Sing Mastering, Atlanta. Colin Leonard will not master without Grand Illusion power cords on his most critical equipment.




CES 2011 with April Music and Magnepan.

 RMAF 2011with Pass Labs, Audes, and April Music

AXPONA 2011. Atlanta with Mark Levinsons newest Daniel Hertz Line

Verastarr cable test rig 2011

 Rocky Mountain 2010, with High Emotion Audio, Atma-Sphere, and VTL.



2008 Seoul Korea, with April Music Owner Simon Lee, Audio Journalist Barry Willis, and Mark Levinson.













From Verastarr's founder Mike Powell...

Hello music lovers worldwide ! Verastarr is dedicated to the audio arts and the spiritual connection between music and self that is created in your listening environment. Our approach to audio design is purity and simplicity. This means we will not burden you with pages of scientific data, analyzer printouts, and verbose statements about how you will hear our products. Our professional as well as audiophile feedback speak for themselves, and honestly, no amount of numbers, graphs, images, or words will do anything toward your listening experience. I personally stand behind every design bearing the Verastarr name and every offering has had my personal attention, values, expertise, and spirit forged into its existence. Allow me to earn your trust and respect, and ask you to purchase and evaluate a Verastarr product for yourself. Then chose our brand for a lifetime.