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VERASTARR Audio cables utilize the latest in low noise, high integrity materials to bring you the  most honest representation of music playback your audio system is capable of.  Hi-Fi cabling is  commonly overlooked, and sometimes deemed "not that important" for a reference listening system, and we are here to demonstrate that what you chose for cabling will make or break your listening experience.

     If you desire wide, deep soundstage, where every quiet detail and nuance of your music is reproduced, and every word is clear and inteligible, and you hear things like the wood resonance in an acoustic guitar instead of just strings, please do yourself the service of trying Verastarr cables in your system. This may very well save you the time and money for the component upgrades you may have been considering.

Signal cables must preserve the complex delicate signal integrity, and power cords must help lower noise. Together, your system will be allowed to operate at its maximum potential, and the result is profound. You never knew your system could sound, and more importantly FEEL so satisfying ! 





Latest news..

JANUARY - 2016

Amazing room at CES 2016 with April Music, and Wilson Audio.. 

CES 2016 !!

VERASTARR will be exhibiting in Venetian room 35-108 with April Music. Roll out will be of the newest Statement Power Cables, and the Verastarr AC Power Block. Come and see us !





New for 2016 and starting now is a significant upgrade to the Verastarr line of cables. 

Grand Illusion and Illusion Signature speaker cables will now both come standard with Furutech FP201R Rhodium plated spades. 

Grand Illusion Signature will now come standard with WBT 0681 CU sandwich spades, with option of locking bananas.


 0681 AG pure silver sandwich spades and locking bananas will also be offered as an upgrade choice. 

 Furthermore ....

GI SIG2 XLR will now have fabric covered ends in black like the power cords, and the addition of a leather label instead of the printed heatshrink. 





Doug Schroeders review shows how other cables can have too much bass or too much top end which equals unbalanced, inaccurrate souund reproduction. We do not believe cables should be used for tone control. Verastarr cables are designed to impart no sonic imprint of thier own, but simply vanish and allow your components to be heard at 100% of thier ability. Accuracy=Truth !!

Latest Grand Illusion 2 and Nemesis USB cable review - DAGOGO


Warsaw Poland, Hi-Fi show... VERASTARR shows with MAGICO, YPSILON and KRONOS.. Some say best sound in show.. Thanks to Janusz Sobolewski and Audio System Poland !

OCTOBER - 2015

Congratulations to the RMAF team ! We won 2 awards for excellence. The third day we had Jeff Rowland Design in the room with the new 625 S2 stereo amp which Jeff himself calls " the culmination of my 30 years designing audio, and I dont think it will get much better than this design" I understood this to mean it is his Masterpiece, and wow.. at $16K one of the best sounding SS amps we have experienced.



Join us in Denver !! We will be showing in Suite 2024 with Antipodes, Vapor Audio, and Lampizator..



AUGUST- 2015

The Verastarr CABLE ELEVATORS are here !!

Finally a cable elevator optimized for Verastarr Grand Illusion cables. They are made from a proprietary composite foam that contains micro Carbon particles to rapidly eliminate static from carpet, as well as from the outer jacket of the cable. Also keeps cables clean, organized and up off the floor. The specialized design includes 3 slots to aid in cable routing and allow many options, all the way to Tri-Amping. Comes in sets of 10 for only $350. 

JULY - 2015


In our desire to reach a deeper user network, Verastarr has re issued legacy cable models as well as reduced the price of the full line.  The existing line was reduced by 30%, and we added a new Statement line to represent the pinnacle of our technology.  In order to do this, the Signature line was brought back to 99.997% purity, and the Statement will remain the highest 99.9997%. The only exception to that is both the RCA and XLR cables which will retain the higher purity level. In addition, we have re-issued the "Series 1" Grand Illusion power cord as a way for you to fill your system with these award winning power cords for an all time low cost.. Series one does not get cryo, nor leather cuffs, and it uses generic audio grade connectors instead of Furutech. Please keep in mind, this is the exact cable build Stereo Times gave the esteemed "Publishers Choice" award, and also the exact cable Hi-Fi News wrote about, so it is still a breakthrough power cord.


JUNE - 2015

NEWEST Grand Illusion PC REVIEW CLICK HERE - Dave Clark - Editor Positive Feedback Online

MAY - 2015


Munich, Germany

May 14 through 17th VERASTARR will be formally introducing our product line to European dealers and distributors in Munich Germany. Come visit us with Davis Acoustique, and April Music !

April - 2015

AXPONA went off amazing and the Grand Illusion Statement was very well received.  We will be doing close comparison with the GI Signature over the next month or so to make sure there is a noticeable upgrade over the Signature. The idea is to make the Signature out of 4 nines silver, and make the Statement the 5 nines cable. This allows you to purchase the full width silver cable at a lower cost, and we will add 30% more width of the foil on the Statement (2 3/8" vs. 2"). Furthermore we have custom fabricated an optimized interface between foil and plug that maximizes the surface area of the connection. In addition we increased the size of the resonating wafers and now add them to both sides of the cable whereas the Signature will be just at the IEC.   

Mar - 2015

VERASTARR develops newest line of power cords called Grand Illusion "Statement".. so far, testing has revealed incredible results ! 

FEB - 2015 

AXPONA 2015 announcement. VERASTARR will be exhibiting on the main floor in the large "Higgins" conference room with renown Vapor Audio Loudspeakers, Multi award winning LAMM Industries amplifiers and preamplifiers, the worlds best Vacuum tube DAC, Lampizator, and Linux based Hi-Fi optimized Antipodes Audio music servers...  There will be a drawing for a free VERASTARR 1M XLR interconnect pair, and Saturday evening an after show event to mark the introduction of the PERFECT STORM loudspeaker, as well as the Verastarr PRESTIGE line of lower cost Hi-Fi cables...

 April 24-26, Westin Ohare , Chicago, IL. 




Verastarr becomes CE approved on power cables and ROHS compliant on everything in the line ! 



VERASTARR Exhibit AT CES 2015 - With April Music on 31st floor of Venetian, room 31-320, come visit us !



In 2015 VERASTARR will be implementing our latest refinements to the GRAND ILLUSION cable line using our recently developed "Cable Field Technology" treatments.

A little word on this technology..  As you might have noticed, it seems many established audio companies are using "Crystal" or "Hyper" or some other mysterious name for either Piezoelectric or Ferroelectric mineral treatment to thier products. Some companies dope this material up into rolls with a wire through it for soldering inside components, others pour it inside power strips, or into little boxes with inputs and outputs.. Some will put it into cylinders that plug inline on speaker binding posts or at your IEC inlet for your components. These are all our own iterations of a similar treatment, which is to run the signal through a "field filter" that filters out EMI or RFI from the electromagnetic field around the cables, or does this filtering at the end of untreated cables, or inside the component. Other materials cause the electrons to "line up"making them flow much better through wire or any other circuitboard level component.

We choose to put these treatments inside our cables to negate the need for treatment anywhere else in your audio system. No opening up your expensive components and "modding" them, or putting heavy adapter type "add ons" to your cables stressing or possibly damaging the connector interface. Who wants heavy, clumsy improvements hanging off the back of your components ? We know we do not.  

With Verastarr Audiofoil technology, we are able to treat these electrons over a vast surface area unlike any round cable designs. For instance we can use sensitive "field activated" wafers, which round wire can not. By doing so we treat a broad area of electrons rather than just the outer surface.

Verastarr has spent much time perfecting our treatments, which include ceramic nanospheres, single crystal resonating wafers, carbon nanofibers, Superconducting materials, Spin-inducing materials, Ferromagnetic minerals, and Piezoelectric minerals. We have tried dozens of combinations of minerals as well as combinations of granule or sphere sizes and or wafer thicknesses all so that you.. the seeker of Truth in Music, will enjoy the most accurate, smooth, noise free delivery of signal currently possible using cutting edge advances in material science. 

So anything "CFT", which includes all Grand Illusion 2 designs incorporate these technologies into the build of the cables. 

Keep in mind ALL of this technology is passive and works OUTSIDE the actual signal path. Therefore this is an added advantage over our already phenominal sounding Grand Illusion series of cables. 

Yet again, we fight with the urge to form an eloquent, seductive sales pitch for you, but it simply is not Verastarr to do so.. Our proof is in the listening, not in how good we speak in a piece of advertising. We have all experienced well marketed products that do not stand up to the talk, therefore we spare you the "romance" of poetry, and we simply give our love and expression in the form of audio cables. 

To all of our wonderful friends and clients and even those here just looking, we offer humble blessings in 2015 !!


2015 Grand Illusion Signature 2 receives an upgraded 2 3/8" inch wide 99.9997% pure silver cryo treated foil to give 20% greater surface area per cable to an already "winning" design !  This plus the GI2 treatments and no rise in retail price since 2009, making this cable one of the strongest values in HiFi ! 



 DEC- 2014



Grand Illusion Signature 2 tested at SING Mastering today on PASS LABS X150 monoblocks. Previous cables were Grand Illusion 1. The difference was immediate. Highs smoothed out without losing detail and mid bass seperated farther from vocals. The Grand Ilusion Signature exhibits better instrument  separation,  deeper soundstage, and better clarity than the GI copper version and at the same time maintains a very silky organic and natural feel. If you plan to use the Grand Illusions in the professional studo environment keep in mind the cables work best on Analog gear or converters. 100% digital gear may not reap much of a benefit especially if you have nice clean power. This does not go for digital amps. We clearly heard improvement with the Red Dragon audio engineers next door to us at RMAF. Some customers claim improvement when used on CD transports, so it's more likely to affect pure digital in a home audio rig due to the less than perfect environment. The idea of using expensive cables in the pro studio is to reduce the need for EQ cut or boost. 




Over the next few months we will be perfecting a top notch Guitar / Instrument cable to help support those that make the wonderful music we listen to ! Yes, that is a genuine leather outer jacket on the cable...Stay tuned for more...



Test session/prototyping with GI2 XLR at SING Mastering Studios.. 

Testing by ear is one thing, but bona fide testing in the most critical audio environment of all, the world class Mastering studio is something completely different.. The room alone can be $100K before one piece of equipment is put inside. This means we are not designing cables to compensate for room anomalies such as chairs, windows, ceiling reflections, etc.. 

In other words, the response in a mastering room is so precise, the electric supply so clean, the gear so accurate that ANY improvement in sound without touching a knob or dial is a huge victory.

In fact, the rooms and audio rigs are so good, that it is virtually impossible to unplug and replace cables then listen again to hear a difference.  The only way to compare is to make 2 recordings. One with the cable in place and one without. Then they must be played back simultaneously, so you can A/B instantly on the fly with 2 little buttons on the console. And I'll tell you, as an audiophile who thinks he has pretty good ears, Im deaf compared to a good mastering engineer. So when Verastarr cables end up not leaving the studio after a test, we consider it a job well done.. Lets just say SING Mastering has new XLR's in place. 

The imges show the console using the analog SPL PQ mastering EQ considered by many to be the top of the heap for mastering, as well as a very detailed look at the waveform to show proof that the Verastarr cables did in fact change the waveform vs the industry standard, Mogami..  

In the words of Colin Leonard, SING Masterings founder and engineer... "We cant EQ for clarity"......





For anyone who has an original Grand Illusion power cable, we can now upgrade your cable to include piezoelectric mineral damping, Electromagnetic field resonators, and electron flow enhancers. These are all in house designed Verastarr upgrades, and absolutely improve the cable. You will hear it in the image not necessarily the music per se. The image gets deeper, the background is noticeably quieter, and presence such as leading edge sounds are more apparent and clear without being forward or aggressive. Low end musicality has been improved, and it simply sounds "cleaner" The silver cables in V2 get to the point of taking your system to that rare spot where you forget you are listening to an audio rig.. Youll most likely forget where you are, time will dissappear, and you will melt into a very satisfying, relaxing, soul filling experience. 

As always, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.. Upgrades are $400 per cable, or $350 if you already have the leather cuffs. We will add leather cuffs to the cables that do not have them. 


Grand Illusion 2 XLRs now shipping !!

 We have redone our GI XLRs to perform even better, by improving the connector to foil interface for better signal flow and integrity, as well as adding a braid shield for chassis ground. We do not tie signal ground to chassis ground. Chassis ground is high purity solid pure silver foil.  You will experience lower noise and deeper detail..

We can upgrade your XLR pair for $250




Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2014

With Vapor Audio Loudspeakers

Antipodes music servers

Allnic components

Verastarr pure silver foil cabling



Well, the show went off without a hitch. We had the most cooperative room we have ever encountered, and it sounded great !! There were a lot of "best sound of show" compliments on peoples way out..  Glad to show with some great companies... Antipodes Audio from New Zealand brought our favorite music server, complete with 2TB of SSD storage, and loaded with DSD and Hi Res files. Dac was by Allnic and sounded very nice albeit $12,000. The amp was a KT150 push pull integrated that was really nice.. Ryan of Vapor Audio brought the Joule black loudspeakers ($16998) and boy, this guy knows how to design and build speakers..  The equipment all worked exceptionally with 100% Grand Illusion Signature 2 cabling.. not one bit of wire.. 100% foil. 



JOIN US AT RMAF 2014 in Denver, Oct 10 - 12th for the rollout of the Grand Illusion 2 Power cable, and Grand Illusion 2 XLR !

Yes, it can get better.... Hear it in room 2024 where we will be exhibiting with Vapor Sound Loudspeakers, Allnic components, Antipodes music servers, and Running Springs Audio power conditioners. 

We will have an electrostatic headphone/OTL tube amp setup to show you the difference our power cables and interconnects make on the fly..

Dont miss it !!



August 2014... Verastarr will be adding several new cables, including the much anticipated "Prestige" line of high value Power cords, Interconnects, and speaker cables as well as the Illusion copper foil speaker cables, and the new Illusion power cords in both silver and copper... keep your eyes open.. Pre orders are being secured now !



2014 Top of the line Grand Illusion Signature power cable. Made with 99.999% pure solid silver foils. With the new GIS2 power cables, the price was lowered and the wood box was discontinuedm abd Statement replaces GIS as top of the line.


AXPONA 2014 - with Vapor Audio Loudspeakers, Lampizator DAC, and Purity Audio components...  this was an amazing rig utilizing 18WPC 300B push pull monoblocks and the new Vapor Derecho Speakers.. absolutely stunning sound in this room..

Newest cable upgrades include the use of embossed or laser etched leather cuffs for both speaker cables and power cords. Speaker cable leads are also braided now for a nicer fit and finish.

The Venetian High End Audio Exhibit, Las Vegas, Nevada Jan 7 thru 10, 2014. Debuting the April Music Aura note V2 all in one receiver/cd player ($3K). It is paired with Vivid Audio G3, notoriously hard speakers to drive ($45,000) and it sounded phenominal. We used a Grand Illusion Signature power cord and Grand illusion speaker cables.... everybody was very impressed.

December 2013 ,Living Secrets of Takamatsu Japan joins Verastarrs growing dealer network...  Boy did we open up those Sound Labs 945's with Grand Illusion cables... It only took one power cord on the DAC, to make the founder Chris a believer. Now, both demo rigs will be wired with Grand Illusion.. If you live in Japan, you owe it to yourself to visit Chris.. 

The Leonardos had a captivating.image...



Dec 2013 Visiting World class Hi-Fi Dealer in Bangkok, KS Home ... MBL never sounded so good ! I actually found new respect for the sound of MBL, and wanted this exact setup...lets just say its been a while since I wanted to buy gear.. simply stunning


Walters big Demo room in the Crystal Design Center. 

Grand Illusion transformed McIntosh and Sonus Faber... Pass Labs and AR next.


Singapore Audio show 2013

Verastarr Grand Illusion Signature cables power the Horizon Acoustics room with Mr. Poon, our Singapore dealer..




AXPONA 2013 with Lamm, and TAD as presented by Jonathan Horwich and International Phonograph inc.

Source was open reel master tape, using a United Home Audio piece and many considered it best in show.. 


Shameless Verastarr plug with Rich Rubin and David Hyman, founder of MOG music former CEO of Gracenote.



Simon, Mike and Jurgen in front of the $128,000.00 system at CES 2013.

 Marten Coltrane 2 loudspeakers ($100K) April Music AI 700 ($6500) and DP-1 ($3500) Utilizing 1.5M Verastarr Grand Illusion Signature power cords x 3 ($10,800) and 3M Grand Illusion bi wire ($3898) with 10M Silver Signature XLR ($2899)



11-2-12. Singapore audio show on schedule for Verastarr with Modwright and NOLA.  Brought to you by Horizon Acoustics. 

CES 2012 with Wilson Audio and April Music

2012 at Glenn Schick Mastering, after trying the Grand Illusion, he wont master without them.

2012 at Sing Mastering, Atlanta. Colin Leonard will not master without Grand Illusion power cords on his most critical equipment.




CES 2011 with April Music and Magnepan.

 RMAF 2011with Pass Labs, Audes, and April Music

AXPONA 2011. Atlanta with Mark Levinsons newest Daniel Hertz Line

Verastarr cable test rig 2011

 Rocky Mountain 2010, with High Emotion Audio, Atma-Sphere, and VTL.



2008 Seoul Korea, with April Music Owner Simon Lee, Audio Journalist Barry Willis, and Mark Levinson.














From Verastarr's founder Mike Powell...

Hello music lovers worldwide ! Verastarr is dedicated to the audio arts and the spiritual connection between music and self that is created in your listening environment. Our approach to audio design is purity and simplicity. This means we will not burden you with pages of scientific data, analyzer printouts, and verbose statements about how you will hear our products. Our professional as well as audiophile feedback speak for themselves, and honestly, no amount of numbers, graphs, images, or words will do anything toward your listening experience. I personally stand behind every design bearing the Verastarr name and every offering has had my personal attention, values, expertise, and spirit forged into its existence. Allow me to earn your trust and respect, and ask you to purchase and evaluate a Verastarr product for yourself. Then chose our brand for a lifetime.