There is a profound difference between simply having expensive

audio gear and the accurate setup of that gear for a true

representation of music as it was recorded.

Completely involving, emotionally-rich audio bliss is an exclusive experience, and Verastarr is dedicated to preserving  it.

 Verastarr was founded in 2001 by Mike Powell in Atlanta, GA. Mike has been in audio manufacturing since 2002, starting with the well known Silver Reference and Silver Signature line of cables. The next step in Verastarrs progression was to take on amplifier manufacturing, and in 2003 the all American built SSA-64 became the most powerful rack mounted multichannel amplifier in existence. This was to answer the demand for larger and larger home theater builds, as well as to bridge the gap between Home Theater and 2 channel Hi-Fi. The Verastarr SSA-64 was known for its incredible transparency and dynamics. The SSA-64 is still being used in some of the most prestigous mastering studios in the nation.  Verastarr subsequently birthed the breakthrough Grand Illusion line of cables utilizing high purity solid foils instead of wire, and gained critical acclaim with industry reviewers and professional users alike. In 2009 Mike Powell was personally chosen by Mr. Mark Levinson to consult on High End audio in South Korea with industry giant LG Electronics, and strong industry bonds were formed for Verastarr as a provider of top level reference cables. 

Verastarr was created to help people achieve the utmost in accurate music playback. Verastarr is less interested with selling boxes than actually affecting peoples life experience for the better, thereby becoming one of the worlds most sought after audio brands. 


Mike modding OTL beast amps for a client


At Verastarr we live and breathe music reproduction. We simply will not settle for half-measures. It is either "all or none" for us. First and foremost we are music lovers. Our goal is to help your music sound exactly as it was intended to sound by the creator of the piece.

Life energy was captured during the recording, so one should sense

life energy every time music is played back.

All Verastarr products are hand crafted right here in the U.S.A.  Our philosphy is about passion for the audio arts  Our joy is hand crafted artisan creations, therefore we stay a boutique company dedicated to the creation of luxury handbuilt audio components.

Verastarr is proud to have several patents pending, and our cable designs do not use any "off the shelf" wire. All of our raw materials are specially made to our specification, then cryogenically processed for the utmost in performance and duty.

Verastarr product designs are tested time and again by some of the most seasoned audiophile ears in the industry, including professional mastering engineers, so there is no guesswork involved. We know how it will sound in your rig. Our customer base is a loyal following, almost like collectors. They trust our designs and value implicitly. We hope you give us the chance to create magic in your listening rig for years to come. 

Try Verastarr products now for a truly breathtaking audio experience.



Benefits & Policies


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with any Verastarr-brand product, you may return it within 30 days, for a full refund minus shipping charges. The product must be in like-new condition with proof of purchase.

10 Year Warranty

All Verastarr cables are warranted against defects in manufacture for 10 years from date of purchase to original buyer. 

Future Upgrade Insurance

Verastarr guarantees that we will not discontinue and/or upgrade a model within 1.5 years of it's release, leaving you with a quickly discontinued product.  

Verastarr Promise

We at Verastarr promise to conceive, design, and manufacture the highest quality products, at the lowest price possible. We promise not to cut corners on quality simply to increase profit margin. We promise to keep manufacturing by hand here in the United States, even if it costs more, for the highest quality level possible.

Refund Policy

Unless otherwise mentioned, there is a 30 day full refund policy minus shipping, on normal inventory items. All custom made, special items are final sales with no refund policy, just full warranty coverage of course.. In certain instances a custom item may be returned for a 25% restock fee. 



Contact Us


Sales inquiries

 If you have a questions about any of our products or would like assistance deciding which of our products is right for you, or if you wish to inquire about special services for your custom needs feel free to ask our sales department.

Production inquiries

 Our production department is here to assist you with questions regarding your existing product or order.


Currently , Verastarr has authorized resellers in the following territories: 

USA, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, South Korea.  


 Verastarr is actively pursuing dealers and distributors worldwide to create a worldwide network. Please contact us if you are interested in distributing Verastarr products.