Step One: Eliminate the inherent anomalies of round wire...

The Verastarr Grand Illusion is a testament to our ability to think outside the box. Designed with 'eliminating the inherent anomalies of round wire' in mind, the Grand Illusion uses high purity Copper foils instead of wire. The result is a breakthrough in imaging and dynamics. By increasing the surface area of normal round wire tenfold or more, skin effect is no longer an issue. Efficiency of electron flow is maximized, and efficient electron flow means low noise. Micro detail becomes unlocked and soundstage and image opens up incredibly. Start with your source components for the most dramatic improvement then unveil the layers as you add cords to the preamp, then amplifiers and finally behind your power conditioner. We are so confident in the performance of the Grand Illusion that we guarantee it performs better than what you are currently using, or your money back! Try one now to truly see what your system is capable of. The Grand Illusion power cords are also available in High Current configuration (HC) the HC cord uses twice the amount of foils as a regular Grand Illusion effectively doubling the surface area of the cable. The GI HC is recommended for high current amplifiers as well as line conditioners. The greater surface area also sounds faster for source and front end components. 20A Hubbel IEC available at no additional cost. Standard plug and IEC are Furutech FI-15 Plus

The Grand Illusion 2 includes several improvements over the original. On the Grand Illusion 2, we have added passive RF/EMI filtering technology utilizing rare earth minerals in a polymer matrix, as well as treatments to the live and neutral leg to reduce magnetic flux, as well as a crystal wafer resonating disc which activates in the presence of AC power. These 3 treatments give the Grand Illusion 2 even lower noise and greater micro detail for a more holographic soundstage, and quicker transients. Also, low frequency becomes more timbrally accurate and musical with the treatments in place. 

The GI2 is our reference standard power cable. Unlock your systems potential !