Let there be Silver ! 

Take the benefits of the pure 99.997% silver foil, and add the GI2 noise treatments and you get an even more refined cable. Cryo treated foils give an exceptionally smooth, fleshed out midrange. Greater micro detail is unlocked and you will hear more immediacy of presence. Sounds like cymbals for instance will come out right into the room. Vocalists will lift off the background, and everything gets deeper with true to life dimesionality. Incredible pace and rhythm compliment extremely wide and deep soundstage. The music simply emanates from velvety blackness. Immediate and present, the instruments not only have a black background, but they have noticeable blackness in between themselves.

Compared to the GI Sig 1, the Signature 2 has more open extended highs, and a bit quicker more fleshed out midrange.  Once this cord is in, you will not want to touch it. In fact, you will most likely want to add one to every component in the chain. There is a cumulative effect that makes a profound difference each step of the way. All GI Cords come with a 10 year warranty. Your utmost satisfaction is guaranteed! Grand Illusion Signature is also available in HC version (double foils), recommended for power conditioners and amplifiers. yet also sounds better than single foils on source and front end. 

The Grand Illusion Signature 2 includes several improvements over the original version 1. On the Grand Illusion 2, we have added passive RF/EMI filtering technology utilizing rare earth minerals in a polymer matrix, as well as treatments to the live and neutral leg to reduce magnetic flux, as well as a crystal wafer resonating disc which activates in the presence of AC power. These 3 treatments give the Grand Illusion 2 even lower noise and greater micro detail for a more holographic soundstage, and quicker transients. Also, low frequency becomes more timbrally accurate and musical with the treatments in place.