About the comittment you have for musical accuracy. The Grand Illusion Statement is a Signature 2 thats been taken to the highest level for a no compromise cable that is truly World-Class. 


Starting with a full 3/8 inch wider foil design, the surface area is increased a good amount for better performance.

Not only that, but the foil/plug contact interface has been improved for better electron flow, and we include the use of very high purity solid silver plug while IEC remains Rhodium plated copper Furutech due to its superior holding strength. Therefore the Statement PC is 99.9997% pure silver all the way to IEC.

We also double up the RF/EMI treatments and use larger and more resonating discs. The result is a breakthrough power cable.

The difference between the Statement and the Signature is even more open, airy distinct detail and nuance with exceptional soundstage presence.  Statement is our most resolving cable with the most defined soundstage image. Statement retreives every little detail, and it is incredibly fast and dynamic. This cable is as lively as your equipment. Excellent choice for tube amplifiers, especially the ones that lean dark/seductive.  If you want to hear IN to the music, this is your cable. Nothing gets past.