We Love Magnepan speakers. There is something about the wide open huge 3D soundstage that is unique to thier design. However to make the speakers friendly for the masses, Magnepan must employ certain safeguards that we believe takes away from the performance to the degree that we would not ever consider using Magnepan in thier stock form. We consider it one of the least understood speakers in the marketplace. If you have your audio rig sorted with good amplification, and you are careful about turning amps off before switching interconnects or any cables at all, power amps up last and turn them off first, then there is no reason you need a fuse in the signal path, especially for the delicate sensitive tweeter ribbon. If the tweeter is too much, we recommend looking elsewhere in the system rather than using the Magnepan resistors. If a system has good overall balance the Magnepan design is naturally balanced as well.

Do not underestimate the importance of your Magnepan placement in the room. In fact, it makes or breaks these speakers magic 100%. In our opinion, they need to be off the back wall in the room, slight toe in, tweeters on the inside. The farther you place them apart, the more severe the toe in. It should take you hours to get them right unless you are an expert Maggie "setter upper".

Rather than bypassing the fuse panel with the wiring behind the panel, this is the best way to open up your Maggies. Its like pulling cotton out of your ears. Instantly there is vibrant presence detail and air. This means better 3D imaging and layering with distinct instrument placement. You must realize, in stock form your signal goes through both a nickel plated brass "bar" and a gossamer thin fuse element. Eliminate those and you will start to hear the capabilities of these amazing speakers. 

You simply remove the stock fuses and jumpers and replace them with our replacements. Our jumpers are cryo treated 10AWG Silver plated copper in PTFE dielectric.  Our fuse replacements are hand polished 99.97% pure solid silver hollow tube.

Its that simple. You will not believe the difference.

Do it now, you'll be glad you did !


The kits come in single, double or triple pairs depending on your Magnepan model. They work on absolutely every Maggie with a fuse and jumper 


Single Pair Magnepan instant upgrade kit - (2 fuse replacements, 2 jumper replacements)  $40.00

Double Pair Magnepan instant upgrade kit - (4 fuse replacements, 4 jumper replacements)  $80.00

Triple Pair Magnepan instant upgrade kit - (6 fuse replacements, 6 jumper replacements) $120.00




3.6R and 20.1

Owners rejoice ! We have put together a comprehensive package to get you into the real world rather than whatever our beloved Magnepan was thinking with this design.

 First off no way am I attaching my crossover to a vibration maker. The speaker baffle(panel) vibrates and by bolting the crossover there you get signal degradation from vibration. Not only that but you also are expected to run signal through a plated brass bolt. OMG, I feel so bad for those of you that have been trying to correct for these the whole time..

OK, heres the plan, we have taken the thinking out of it for you.

  1. Get the crossover on the floor and put it up on vibration isolation.

  2. Take the brass posts out of there and chuck them at your least favorite neighbors house.

  3. Place mini AudioFoil speaker cables between xover and panel

  4. Poop your shorts at the gains you receive.

  5. Clean yourself up and go back for listening.

So our complete instant upgrade kit includes the following:

2 sets of small Veramid isolation kits (3 isolators in each kit)     $105 each or $210 for the bundle

2 - 1 foot pairs of Grand Illusion Signature Speaker cables (include low mass cylindrical BFA bananas made of silver plated Tellurium Copper to retain spring force while providing exceptional conductivity(Maggies are best with Silver and our silver is smoother than our Copper)   *8 strips of foil total   $450

3- 1 foot pairs for 20.1  * 12 strips of foil total     $675

Large jumper/fuse bypass kit    $80

Grand Total is

$740 for 3.6R or $699 as a bundle

$965 for 20.1 or $899 as a bundle

BOB Kit (Brother on a budget) : same thing but with copper foil substituted for silver, and rubber bumper feet substituted for Veramid kits

3.6R  $350

20.1  $450