Verastarr offers in home setup where Mike will fly or drive to wherever your audio system is set up to professionally set up your system and tweak it for performance. This includes coming with a full compliment of cables, isolation devices, or whatever else is needed to get your audio system maxxed out. 

Whats required on your part is a round trip plane ticket (business class on flights over 2 hours) and accommodations, whether it be at your home or Hotel, transportation and a minimum purchase of $25K in cables and Mike will arrive and take your system to a level you never knew existed. This is only done with Verastarr cables as we know we can count on them getting your rig where we want it.

There are only 4 of these  available per year. If Mike is traveling say to the Munich show or HK, it is a good time to take advantage of him being in your country or close, because the flight there has been paid, so you just need to get him to your local area. 


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