Hi Mike,
The power cables arrived today, thank you.
I must congratulate you on these new GI2 cables. I swapped the GI1 SIG HC on the UHDTV for the GI2 SIG HC and saw an instant improvement out of the box, better contrast, greater depth, it’s not subtle!
Mark Bartlett, Audiocom- U.K. dealer aftert first listen 
The first things that I picked up immediately was the lack of noise, these cables are absolutely silent, in turn of course meaning greater dynamic range. Which leads me to say that the music I was listening to had an immediacy to it. It was rhythmic, fast as light, and had an edge to instruments that I really like, but seldom hear in audio replay. A lot of people associate edge with brittleness etc, my understanding means 'defining  the instrument from others', even in an orchestra of 100, you can hear everyone playing their part. I'm not saying that you are going to hear 30 individual violins playing at once, impossible, but you can easily hear how an orchestra is segregated into groups of instruments, and the different levels within  each group. This leads me to comment on the timbre aspect of these cables and what I am hearing is really quite stunning. Timbre tells us the difference between instrument to instrument, and these cables excelled, every part of a chord or the sustain of a chord or the visceral  attack of a drum is captured both with speed, dynamics, edge, and timbre.  Voice was palpable with rich overtones, air and character and presented nicely in the sound stage with the rest of the music and also in solo works. Bass and cello were sell separated as instruments, both with good extension and character. Violins were sweet, raw and were gripping, and drew you into the mix.  Top end range with symbols is always a test and is usually a weakness in a lot of cables  due  to compression. The Verastarr cables told me symbols are brass, not just metal, the attack and dynamic range was amazing and never had a hint of brittleness, yet plenty of edge defined the type of symbol in play; and this is where I am talking about matching components together, these cables are quite capable of showing up your system's capabilities, and my advise is just get them, and if you can not hear the improvement - then you are missing out on a lot of enjoyment. I always judge how good a system is, if these attributes mentioned above are heard at quite low volumes, however playing at around 80dB is most enjoyable, drum tracks were at around 110dB and actually blew a normal light bulb in a lamp nearby.....very exciting indeed.  Of course everything is system dependent, and I suggest that if you have an audio system of good to high caliber, you will benefit from creating a synergy with these cables in your system. Very accurate, musical, involving products from Verastarr........ thanks Mike".    .....Campbell Hicks Australian Dealer after first listen..

"The  time I had with them is memorable, by far the cleanest, fastest, most dynamic and revealing cables I have used."

Greg Petan | DAGOGO reviewer


Stereo Times' Publishers Choice Award!

"Most Wanted Componenet of 2011"

"Our room sounded incredible with the Verastarr cables, I was absolutely blown away at how much just 2 power cords on the AtmaSphere monos improved the sound"

John Wolff | Classic Audio Loudspeakers

CES 2012

...with April Music and Wilson Audio at the Venetian

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011

...with April Music and Pass Labs

National Audio Show 2011 | United Kingdom

...with Item Audio

Taves 2011 | Toronto Canada

...with Crown Mountain Imports.

"I REALLY enjoyed that system!"

Michael Fremer | Stereophile

Cabling for "Best Sound in Show" rooms by several publications!

"I cant believe a power cord made such a difference in my studio!" (about the Grand Illusion power cord)

Rob Fraboni | Mastering Engineer, Grammy Winner, former President of Island records

Capital Audio Fest 2011

...with AtmaSphere and Classic Audio Loudspeakers

Axpona 2011 - with Mark Levinson's newest creation, Daniel Hertz.

CES 2011 - With Stello/April Music, and Chapter Electronics

RMAF 2010 - With High Emotion Audio

"Mike, you really have something special here." (about the Grand Illusion power cord)

John Schaffer | President, Wadia Digital

Pres Edmunds | Audio Designer, Owner, Chalice Audio

"I met Mike a while back while seeking out parts for our $80K per pair "Grail" SET class A monoblocks. After talking a bit, Mike offered to send out some Grand Illusion power cords to try with our Monos. "After all, $80K monoblocks deserve the Grand Illusion" is what Mike said. Fine with me.. go ahead and send them. Boy was I glad he sent them. The cord had a way of quieting the background like none of the others we had tried. Alas ! We have a new cord! We highly recommend these power cords."

Glenn Schick | Mastering Engineer, 8 Platinum Records, Grammy nominee:

"With many platinum selling records under our belt, we have a good grip of the best studio gear out there. When we tried the Grand Illusion power cord, I was absolutely blown away. With no question it gives our recordings more accuracy. We were even able to do an A/B comparison with two identical recordings, one without the Grand Illusion and one with it in place. The difference was obvious. We immediately put 3 more cords on the associated gear, and upgraded to the Signature series. I must say that we would be dismayed to do any more mastering without them. In fact we were so impressed with the cables, we purchased a Studio 6.4 amplifier for our main room. We use it with a full compliment of Lipinski 707 monitors, and I don't think the amp has been turned off yet. We are looking forward to the new Verastarr products, and can wholeheartedly recommend the products. Mike is a great guy to deal with, and the sound speaks for itself."

Stereo Times reports on CES 2010 (and us!):

"Another great setup came from the April Music room that also featured their Stello and Eximus series of electronics. Very nice sounding, which isn't hard considering you're using a pair of Maggie 20.1's, and exciting new cables from Verastarr. Designer Mike Powell...and I had a brief conversation on his cables in general, his theories and ideas (in particular), on how he gets wires to perform the Verastarr way. I realized almost immediately: here's a guy who knows a thing or two about wires." - Clement Perry | Publisher, Stereo Times - Read the full report.

"For those looking for the very best in a multi channel analog interconnect, be sure to evaluate Verastarr's Silver Reference 5.1 (channel) cable. After spending time with the other multi channel cables available, this is the only one that has genuine Reference aspirations. A clear winner for anyone with a reference quality system in need of a dedicated 5.1 channel cable."

Matthew Cramer | Bel Canto Design

HIFI News 2009: Our Grand Illusion is Reviewed and Recommended

"The Grand Illusion's improvements were instantly apparent: better bass articulation, more pronounced separation of instruments and voices, punchier dynamics, finer detail, deeper soundstage. Banished was the vague sense of sonic dissatisfaction that I'd felt since moving to the house a year ago..." Read the article.

John Beavers | Product Reviewer, Positive Feedback Online

"In my 4 years of reviewing audio gear I've spent quite a bit of time investigating cables and the effects that they have on both mid-level and high-end gear. I've come to the conclusion that wire is a significant part of the sound that you will get out of your system. Some will say that all wire is doing is "coloring" your systems tonal balance. To some extent this is true, but this is where we have to decide if this is a positive aspect or something else. I consider it positive. I believe that your "highway", your cable path, is where you can either make or break your systems strengths.

Of the many cables I've reviewed the one that I keep coming back to is Verastarr. Most cables will either shift your tonal balance from warm to cool or vice versa. Some will be very revealing; some are so warm they will put you to sleep. With Verastarr cables, something I noticed right off the bat was how crisp things sounded. Drums had extra snap, trumpets were more realistically intense, and strings had reverberations that you usually only hear at live concerts. The Verastarr cable was very revealing and leaned towards neutral on tonal characteristics. On my two systems, one a tube headphone based rig, and the other a solid state two channel speaker based system, I found one Verastarr model cable preformed best with the tube system, and the other with the SS.

I've attempted to change out the Verastarr cables with others I have in my stock, some much more expensive, and what I find is, I keep coming back to the Verastarr cables. I think I'm done, or as done as one can be in this ever changing hobby. I heartily recommend the Verastarr cables, you will not be disappointed. Read the full article."